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Expert health professionals improving health, and movement in your workplace

PHW is led by a team of Physiotherapists, striving to improve workplace health through creating office environments that are designed to promote movement, safety, comfort and productivity. We exist to facilitate real changes to productivity, health and workplace design of businesses across Australia.

PHW Group Pty Ltd specialise in staff wellbeing and injury prevention, consulting to clients across Australia. We help create productive, healthy workplaces by helping organisations to transform the way they work. We know that a business case for investment in ergonomics, workplace training and health-focused design needs to show a financial return on investment. Demonstrating a clear link between our services and staff productivity is at the foundation of everything we do.


Create a world of productive healthy workplaces.


Our service centres around the needs of our clients. At PHW we value:

  • People – our health team
  • Relationships – strong relationships and partnerships with our clients
  • Outcomes – Innovative and evidence-based outcomes in our services
  • Communication – consistent & professional delivery
  • Fun – A sense of fun in how we operate


Be Australia’s leading workplace health experts partnering with business to create productive healthy workplaces.

Experts in Workplace Health
Ryan Ebert and David Hall, Co-founders of PHW Group are passionate about promoting health, productivity and movement in organisations.


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