Onsite Physiotherapy Training

Onsite Physiotherapy Training

Occupational Physiotherapy is a quick and cost-effective way to make improvements that prevent injuries in your workplace. Where better to provide physiotherapy than on-site?

Generally recommended as a weekly or fortnightly service, physiotherapy consultations can promote health and wellbeing in your workforce and have a lasting protective effect on-site and afterhours. Physiotherapy sessions can help reduce the likelihood of the sorts of injuries that become WorkCover cases. They also send a clear, positive message to your workforce that health and wellbeing are prioritised.

What our services involves

Because our physiotherapy consultations occur on-site, they can easily be partnered with workplace ergonomic assessments, individual screening of workstations for risk of injury to the neck, back and other areas as well as assessments of posture and spinal health.

Our physiotherapy service includes:

  • Development of individual wellness strategies
  • Injury prevention through posture improvement and activity assessment
  • Injury management and rehabilitation
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