Workplace Injury Prevention

What is Workplace Injury?

A workplace injury can be any form of physical damage to an individual that happens in the workplace. Employers are legally responsibile to minimise the potential for injury of its workers and maximise a healthy and safe working environment for its employees.

PHW Group provides workplace injury prevention services that can assist organisations to assess and improve the overall safety of the working environment and their working practices. PHW Group is one of the leading Workplace Injury Prevention Provider in Australia, having delivered Injury Prevention trainings in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia and overseas.

Workplace Injury Prevention

At PHW Group all our services are focused on Injury Prevention and promoting a healthy and productive workforce. Ergonomic Assessments to prevent aches and pains becoming claims. Workplace Training programs that are tailored, engaging and relevant to your needs. Advice regarding what equipment to buy when setting up a new office/worksite.

We can also consult with you in other injury prevention projects on request including:

  • Risk assessments at your site
  • Specific Training needs
  • Exercise programs at work

Our Ergonomic consultation is complemented with our Workplace Training packages all aimed at Injury Prevention in the workplace. This includes:

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    Assessment Type

    Having Low Back Pains and Neck Pains?

    Female with low back pain - injury prevention
    Female with neck pain - injury prevention

    Working with Bad Sitting Posture?

    Ergonomic bad sitting posture

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    Ergonomic Good sitting posture
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