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Ergonomic Office Accessories that helps prevent wrist pain

Health-focused design encompasses everything from wellbeing-promoting spaces to individual workstations. Office environments that encourage movement during the workday, good posture at the desk and functional spaces for positive collaboration, offer a measure of protection against musculoskeletal pain and injury and other physical and mental stressors.

To show our clients what we mean by human-centered design, we have built a showcase office, with 10 workstations and 3 breakout areas at our offices in Richmond, Victoria. Our partnerships with national ergonomic furniture suppliers, allow us to supply office products at competitive rates, ensuring that our designs are cost-effective and accessible to any organisation.

Our Health-Focused Office Design, which was recognised with the national design award 100 SMART Innovations consists of:

  • Detailed, comprehensive needs and workforce analysis
  • Recommendations for ergonomic furniture and office supplies
  • Access to significantly discounted products with selected suppliers
  • Frameworks for impact measurement
  • Post-implementation reviews
Office Accessories

EZ Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The EZ Mouse is a vertical style of mouse that eliminates forearm twisting while supporting the hand in a relaxed handshake position. The placement of the thumb scoop allows the user to achieve a relaxed handshake position grip as there is no predetermined thumb position. The EZ Vertical Mouse comes in either Left or Right handed versions.

Penclick Mini Ergonomic Keyboard

The Penclic mini keyboard is a compact and low profile keyboard that allows for a relaxed and centred working position in front of the computer. The Penclic Mini is a sleek and compact low profile keyboard with quiet touch keys that comes in either wired or wireless versions. It allows for a natural and relaxed working position that prevents RSI.

The Roost Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Don’t let its size fool you. The Roost Laptop Stand is a simple, compact and adjustable laptop stand that will transform your laptop into an ergonomic desktop workstation within seconds. Both lightweight and stable, this collapsible and easy to carry laptop stand ensures your laptop is secure when lifted off the desk.

Z-Rest Ergonomic Footrest

This ergonomic footrest is the easy and economical way to ensure that office personnel sit comfortably all day every day. The Z-Rest is very easy to adjust and will promote good blood circulation, minimise joint and ligament damage and alleviate back strain. Z-Rest greatest advantage is its ease of operation, enabling the user/s to make required adjustments from day to day in a matter of seconds whilst seated.


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