Ergonomic Office Accessories
Keyboards and Mouses that helps Prevent Wrist Pain


Health-focused design encompasses everything from wellbeing-promoting spaces to individual workstations. Office environments that encourage movement during the workday, good posture at the desk and functional spaces for positive collaboration, offer a measure of protection against musculoskeletal pain and injury and other physical and mental stressors.

To show our clients what we mean by human-centered design, we have built a showcase office, with 10 workstations and 3 breakout areas at our offices in Richmond, Victoria. Our partnerships with national ergonomic furniture suppliers, allow us to supply office products at competitive rates, ensuring that our designs are cost-effective and accessible to any organisation.

Our Health-Focused Office Design, which was recognised with the national design award 100 SMART Innovations consists of:

  • Detailed, comprehensive needs and workforce analysis
  • Recommendations for ergonomic furniture and office supplies
  • Access to significantly discounted products with selected suppliers
  • Frameworks for impact measurement
  • Post-implementation reviews
Office Accessories
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