Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Cheap and poorly-design office chairs are the ultimate false economy. Chairs designed and manufactured around the needs of your staff protect employee wellness and improve productivity. They also reduce the risk of major costs incurred due to Work Cover and lost-time injuries.

PHW removes the risk of these hidden costs through providing chairs which are supportive, ergonomically-approved and manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

Our ergonomic chairs offer a range of health and wellness benefits, by:

  • Conforming to individual body shape
  • Allowing for adjustment to different seat heights and easy swivelling
  • Supporting the lumbar region, spine and other musculoskeletal structures
  • Maintaining joints and tissues in a natural sitting position
Posture – how to be lazy with it.

Therapod Classic Ergonomic Office Chair

Therapod has a fully adjustable posture support system that can not only be set-up to suit a specific body shape, but one which adapts to the unique way that each of us carry out our tasks. Therapod Ergonomic Office Chairs have a posture support back system that has been set scientifically to a level of ideal spinal support that allows the user to move in the chair or change position, yet be supported to meet their individual needs.

Be it for a student at home, an office or in an advanced 24/7 working environment, Therapod Ergonomic Office Chairs offer a combination of adjustability, comfort and superior support to bring wellbeing and increased productivity to your workplace.

Anatome Richmond Ergonomic Office Chair

The Anatome Richmond is a fully upholstered task chair with back height adjustment and extensive  seat and back angle adjustment. It comes standard with a seat slide which allows the user to have extra seat depth if required where there might be multiple users.

  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • 4 lever ergonomic mechanism
  • With or without adjustable t-arms
  • Fully upholstered task chair
  • pronounced lumbar back cushion
  • Seat Slide adjustment
  • Height Adjustable

To find out how employee comfort translates to real-world productivity
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